Elders They Matter


a global awareness campaign

What is the campaign about

#EldersTheyMatter is a year long global awareness campaign to understand how members of the Asian/Indian diaspora are equipped to cope with the multiple challenges of an ageing community while we become truly global by adopting different countries across continents as our home.

To get as many people together, globally, on this platform to help raise awareness about the issues faced by our elders and their families.

To challenge the stereotyped mindsets so as to work and make efforts towards improving their emotional, mental & physical health while simultaneously contributing towards their healthier happier wellbeing.

Apart from this advocacy of the cause of affordable care & retirement facilities that are more community oriented to help our elders be in culturally familiar environment

The campaign seeks to encourage conversations to challenge and break stereotype perceptions of the society and community, to help empower us all through physical and virtual platforms including YouTube channel and LinkedIn thereby having a greater outreach

Let me take you through a brief background about why I am initiating this campaign

Having moved to the UK, from India, a few years ago, I had been keenly observing how the Indian elderly were leading their lives here, in their adopted (& adapted) new home. With the pandemic emerging in 2020, the world has changed dramatically for millions of us. As the world shut its doors, I began to feel and live through the challenges faced by the elderly who were all by themselves locked away at home through my personal experiences of my parents, who in their 80’s were fending for themselves, by themselves, back in India. During the course of the pandemic, I lost my father, who struggled with his health, yet I was unable to travel to India to morally, emotionally and physically comfort and support my elderly mother who was his caretaker and neither could I hold my father's hand while he left this world. Around me, at that time, I saw, read and heard of innumerable heart-breaking incidents of the elders suffering and that is when the seed was sown for the campaign #EldersTheyMatter.

By collaborating with individuals /associations /organisations

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The Campaign


  • volunteer to handle social media
  • volunteer to write and keep updating the website resource centre
  • volunteer your time to speak to a few elders
  • volunteer your time to collect stories of inspirational elders so we can post it
  • volunteer to set up more talk sessions
  • volunteer to write content

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